Network latency test for between NodeMCU and Blynk application

Hi, good day.

Could anyone kindly give me some idea as to how I could measure the network latency between my NodeMCU and mobile Blynk application. I have created a project whereby the hardware component is controlled using the widgets in my Blynk application. Upon pressing the button widget, it takes some time before the signal is transmitted. I would like to know, how much this delay is.

Thanks in advance.

The simplest method is using a stopwatch.

You’ve created this topic with the Local Server category.
Are you actually using a local legacy server?


Hi Pete, thanks a lot for your reply.

May I know how can I measure the latency for my signal to be transmitted from my Blynk application in my mobile phone to my NodeMCU? I believe the time should be really small, hence stopwatch might not be a good option in this scenario.

So “some time” means no time at all then?