Need to Read Virtual Pin Values inside the while loop [Please Help]

I am trying to run Stepper Motors using Blynk app Joystick. For that I need to update the joystick value again and again and run the stepper motors until new value is update. Please help me I am new to Blynk. I am using NodeMCU and don’t know how I can achieve this.

Look at examples which use the BLYNK_WRITE(vPin) callback function.
This function is called every time the value of the widget attached to the virtual pin in question changes.


They are not helping me as they does not allow me to get virtual pin value inside while loop. Can you please send me link which could help me

You’ll generally find that while loops don’t work well with Blynk. It’s very easy to lose your connection to Blynk, or for the device to become unresponsive to app inputs because the Blynk library isn’t being fed by a command.
You can get around this by putting commands in your while loop, but then it really just becomes the equivalent of a function that is called by a frequent timer.

I’d suggest that you search the forum for stepper motor examples.