Need some help for my project, urgent

I am writing to read sensor value and display it in the app. I completed all the steps when i run blynk-ser.bat -c -COM4 there is an error. I have attached the image

Did you get it working?

If not did you try launching the CMD Prompt as Admin?

Not much experience here, but I have read a fair bit and remember seeing this.

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Yes, i did


youtube is a Video with Blynk and USB

Still the same error

Help Center files…

And don’t forget the forum search function as well…

I am using a MQ135 sensor, it should display value ranging from 200ppm. Now when it is sending a notification or an email i want to include the value along with the message. How should i include.

It comes down to combining strings.

After that message i want to display the current value of the sensor