Need help with plotting data using virtual pins (arduino ethernet)

Hi, i am very new to blynk and arduino. I really need help with plotting data using virtual pins.
currently i am gusing arduino ethernet shield.
Some one please show me how to use virtual pins to get data from the sensors.

this is my email address
Thank you

The history widget is what you want. What have you tried and what do you want accomplish exactly? It’s kind of hard for us to imagine what kind of project you are doing and what the requirements are. Can you elaborate on what you want to achieve?

i want to plot the temperature using the line graph on blynk. i want the data to be in celcious on the graph.
How do i do that?
what is virtual pin on blynk?

thank you for responding to my question.

kind regard

@tthiy1 this is a Blynk Community website rather than an Arduino users website. Obviously many Blynk users know quite a bit about Arduino’s but some issues will be better directed at Arduino specific sites such as

We don’t require your email address because any advice we have is added to the Community site in the hope that others might also find the information useful.

Which Arduino are you using?
Which temperature sensors are you using (some are digital and some are analogue)?
Have you been able to connect your Arduino to the Blynk server?
Are you able to obtain the temperature readings from your sensor without Blynk?

Please provide as much information as possible but as you say you are new to Blynk AND Arduino we have to assume you know very little about the subject but this might be wrong.