Need help with image widget

how can you pick images off of your phone?

That widget works off a URL, so you may actually need to setup a webserver on the phone to access the images directly.

However cloud storage option like Dropbox might also work… providing you are able to access the shared file as a directly viewable one.

how do i setup a webserver on my phone?

I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It is not a Blynk thing and I am not sure if it would actually work anyhow… Google it, test it and let us know.

In iOS, you have the choice of URL or Album.
Choose Album and “+Add Image from Album”.

The disadvantage of doing it this way is that the image wont work if you use App Sharing, or if you open the app on another device.
It’s better to put the image in a place where it can be accessed from the internet and use the URL.


Interesting… I never knew that :slight_smile:


A Dropbox link works if changing the last dl=0 to dl=1

My phone automatically copies all photos I take to my Dropbox… but getting the link and file name automatically in this Blynk widget would take some magical coding :stuck_out_tongue:

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where can i find the URL for the gallery app?

How would we know?? The URL you would use depends on where and how you store and make available your images.