Need help with esp8266

iam new and need help
ineed code to make switch button when i press make led on for 10 min then off
and another one to make the same led to 20min
when i press any one make reset and do its time

If you are expecting someone to write the whole code for you !! Then you are at a wrong place.

You will have to know the basics of C++ and hardware.

My suggestion is, you do some research on google find a suitable code. If you still have problems, then post your code here and tell us your problem, and we will help you solve it.

And also if this is only Blynk related issues we are happy to help you. If it’s nothing to do with Blynk, then you will have to post your problems on other Generic forums.

This tutorial will help you !

especially this one

timer.setTimeout(5000L, []() 
    // When the timer completes, any code here will be executed
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