Need Help with API in New blynk app

I don’t have the authentication token as I have downloaded the new Blynk 2.0 App and created an account in it.
I want to add an API for my project and for adding it is asking for an “Authentication Token” and in new blynk it is not showing the authentication token anywhere.

How should I get the Auth Token now as I don’t have the account on old Blynk app.

Here is the API for requesting the Datastream value which is asking for a “token”
Which token should I provide as I have the account on Blynk 2.0 and not on Old Blynk Platform
[API] (

And in old blynk the API to get the value is

Please me with this, Please
as fast as possible

When you add a device that uses the template you’ve created then you will see the Auth token…


Thank You very much, got the Auth Token
And please also tell me, that
Can I use this Auth Token in this API for requesting the data

means is this API Working now??

That’s the Legacy API syntax. The IoT syntax is somewhat different and is documented here:

You should especially read the final “Troubleshooting” section, as that contains valuable information about the URL for the server you are using.