Need help using ACS712 on RPI

hi. I am using ACS712 that will read the current flow and display it at the blynk app using LED. Can you show me what would be the possible code I should use? I am using Raspberry pi.

Thank you in advance.

Please double check the time/date stamps before posting… This is a really old topic, so I will move your question into it’s own current topic.

first of all, afaik rpi does not have any analog input pins. and acs712 need analog pin to read voltage.

(probably, if you’re very determined, you can hack somehow the “audio in” port to work as a “virtual” analog pin… but i do not know how to do that.

@leomaralmonte Look into this for analog input option with Node.js example code.

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is there any device that could I could use to send a signal to my blynk app Led widget when a current was been sense?

You will find much more code available for ESP’s than RPI’s and prices start from just $2 or $3.

A INA219 is a DC current sensor and should work fine on an RPi via I2C.

Remember, Google is your friend… search for Node.js and RPi in relation to whatever sensors or code snippets you might be looking for… then merging that in with the Node.js version of Blynk will be relatively easy.