Need help prototyping the following on my smart phone: light, vibration, audio files (.wav/.mp3)

Hi All!

I am currently developing the user interface for an electronic device. I want to start mocking up and experiencing the User Interface with an iPhone. I just found out about blynk board today and from what I have read so far I think it’s exactly what I have been looking for which I am very excited about.

From my smartphone, I am hoping to make the following things happen:
turn on/off a blinking or solid LED light (few colors) with a button/switch, turn on/off vibration (is there an external vibration module I can purchase?), play an audio file (.wav file). I am hoping to turn all three (light, vibration, audio) on at the same time with a button/switch in some instances or a combination of just two of these at the same time or just turn one on.

Any guidance you can provide would be helpful. My knowledge for this type of work is very VERY limited. I do not know how to code so I am planning to buy a blynk board.

Can I use one of these vibration motors with the blynk board?

I have taken 2 tech shop arduino classes: ‘build an arduino board’ where i soldered a bunch of parts onto an Educato board and ‘basic programming’ (the instructor and students were very advanced and it was way over my head).

Look forward to hearing from you!


Glad you decided to get into an exciting world of electronics )

If I were you, I would start with some kind of a kit, like BlynkBoard IoT kit or Arduino Starter Kit , which has tutorials and instructions that will walk you through the basics of electronics and some coding. Then:

  1. Split your project into simple modules
  2. Make them all work one by one
  3. Make them work together
  4. Learn Blynk Basics by checking example sketches
  5. Integrate Blynk in your project

We are here to help, so you are welcome to ask. Just make sure make a quick search before asking.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Thanks so much for replying!

Your suggestion at buying either of the kits makes a lot of sense. Two of the simple modules I am hoping to make are vibration (like mobile phone) and playing sound (.wav file). I am not sure the kits you mentioned included these parts which I need (vibration & sound).

Do you know if these vibration modules ( will work with the blynk or arduino kit you are recommending?

I have an arduino educato board right now that was included in the tech shop classes I took. Will my arduino educato board work with the blynk board or do I need to purchase the arduino starter kit that you suggested?

Thanks again Pavel!

I just tried to tell you, that you can’t jump onto everything right now. You need to learn, and it’s really fun!

But to keep it fun, you need to start small and get better. Kits are good to learn the basics, from there you are pretty well prepared for the next step.

Regarding your questions:

  • anything you are able to make work with your board - will work with Blynk.

Arduino Educato should work, but I you would need a shield to connect to Internet. BlynkBoard is better for that.

If you can find the book from Arduino Starter Kit - it has really great lessons to start

Thanks for the reply Pavel. Sorry I need to kind of rush into it because this is for work . Also, I wanted to make one purchase with of all the items that I’ll need to save time and shipping costs.

Any guidance for what components I need to buy for the ability to play audio files would be very helpful. I am guessing a small external speaker like this one ? Thanks for your help.

Can someone confirm if this speaker (link below) is compatible with blynk board or arduino educato board? Sorry I am new to the world of electronics so I appreciate your patience.

That is not a speaker. It’s just an MP3 player. You will still need an amplifier and output (a.k.a. speakers) to make it all work. It should be fully compatible with Arduino boards though.

Why all the expensive sparkfun by the way? There are way cheaper solutions on Ebay and the likes.

Also, if this is for work and there is no time to gather the knowledge you need to make this into a succes, you will likely deliver a faulty product which does not meet expectations, are you sure you want to do that?

Thanks Lichtsignaal for the reply. Good to know that the link was just an mp3 not a speaker. As both you and Pavel have suggested I will go through the kit tutorials before moving to the next step. I am definitely not discounting the need to learn the basics before moving on to the more complex projects…I was just trying to see if I could order all the necessary stuff at once. I ordered my the blynk iot kit yesterday so can’t wait to get my hands dirty!

Thanks all.