Need help on timer for college automation project

So me and my project group given a lab automation topic by our college. We did the trickiest part…the hardware connection, the programming. In lab we have around 16 loads. 8 down lights, 4 PL tubelight and 4 fans. And for all that we use single ESP32 and relays.
Now the problem is that they require a timer for all switches. Like after college hours, all lights will be off and the next day it will be ON.
So I just wanna know that if there is a way to get just 1 timer for all 16 loads? Or something like that.

Please help me

There are multiple options in Blynk…

The simplest is the “Timer” widget.
More complex is the “Time Input” widget, but this allows the rules to only be applied on certain days of the week, which may be useful.
The third option is to use the RTC widget to obtain the current time abs to apply a set of hard-coded rules.

For the first option, I’d recommend using a virtual pin. The second option only allows virtual pins to be used anyway.
A simple BLYNK_WRITE(vPin) routine, which is triggered when the virtual pin value changes can then be used to turn all of your physical pins off/on at the specified times.

You could have discovered all of this with a bit of reading and experimentation, but it is sometimes easier if someone points you in the right direction.
However, you need to take this information and run with it - this forum isn’t a code factory to enable you to avoid doing the work for college assessment.


Oh ok. I did research. And I am not looking for any programming code. I just wanna be sure if one can use a single timer for all 16 switches that’s it. Anyway thank you sir.