NEED HELP LED combined with a push button

Hai All.

I am a new born Blynker and i just do not understand something. I found out how to use the button ( simpley put it to a digital pin 3 to 10 on a uno inside the App). But i want to see it also whit the LED inside the blynk app when it is realy on. Feedback from the digital poort. Can any body help me whit a solution. I am just starting to lurn this soo keep it simple pleas. Thanks Frank

Hello. Did you try LED example?

Hai Yes and al other examples. The problem is that you do not do any programming when i am using the button in the app. But some time the app stop or has a delay.I want to check if the digital output on the arduino is high or low But i simply do not find that answer. think as a loop back in this way. Frank

You could use next code

WidgetLED led1(V1);
if (digitalRead(inPin)) {
} else {;

You need a code in that case. Either use value display instead of LED.

as a beginner i understand part of your code. Do i not need to declayer the ( inpin)?

or should i place the digital D6 in there? if so how is the digital D6 called in c++
i have the WidgetLED led6(6); line put in whit succes
relay 0 has button D6 and LED V6
relay 1 has button D7 and LED V7
relay 2 has Button D8 and LED V8
If i tab on button D7 the digital has a High o then arduino and the relay switsches. I would like that the LED V7 is than on and isoff when the relay button is also off. I

Sorry if my questions look stupit but we all have too lurn (=;

Please have a look through examples we provide. They are pretty clear and self-explanatory.