Need help in setting up my nodemcu esp8266 to control two dc motors

one is steering
and second is main motor for reverse and forward
with speed control from slider
i maybe out of my line asking you guys for code but you guys are the best
thanks in advance

Pick up the code from the internet and then convert for use with Blynk.

not familiar with blynk, can you show me how can I do that

Have you read this thread Blynk for Beginners and help with your project ?

Then post your formatted sketch with very, very precise details of what you have tried, what worked, what didn’t etc.
codes are here for both nodemcu and pc and its working flawlessly
now i just need this udp pc client codes to work on blynk with fixed udp port
totally clueless :frowning_face:

and sorry new user cant write more than 5 snippets
thats why sending u link for the code