Need help for programming nodemcu

I want to program nodemcu with pir sensor, dht 11 and display data in oled 0.96 monochrome display and connect with blynk… can u help me with code

@Bharathchinnu you will find them across a few posts and you will need to assemble your code from them. Search these forums for the keywords and you will find those posts. E.g for oled, see

There are websites that offer programming for payment… If you don’t want to hire someone out there, then Google for free programming tutorials.

But that is NOT what we do here. We will however try to help you learn about how Blynk works for free :wink:

As for the PIR, DHT11 & OLED, there ire lots of existing code available, here and in the Web. Blynk will not be processing any of those devices directly anyhow, so you will need to assemble libraries and code to make them work, then Blynk can act as a GUI interface for the control and viewing.

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