Need help for automati̇on

I have an automation in my project like in the picture, but to start this automation, I need to trigger it manually. I can’t do this at night and sometimes during the day, is there a way to do it without triggering?

Hey there,
you’re choosing scene as a condition which allow you to trigger the automation manually.

Hey thank you but I’m choosing ‘‘Device State’’ not ‘‘Scene’’ because I don’t want to do it manually.

What are you trying to achieve exactly ?

Sorry i spelled it wrong. I want it to run on its own without a manual trigger.

You should use " time of day " condition.

I want it to run every 5 minutes. Can’t do this in “time of the day” either. Automation for 1 day(24 hours);
I want to have it run automatically without constantly specifying ‘‘wait 4 minutes’’ and ‘‘work 1 minute’’ commands.

You can achieve this using the sketch