Need better webhook integration

Is there a possibility like how blynk button works ,like when i switch on or off immediately hardware updates …like this when i for example a field value changed in my channel from thing speak ,blynk would able to sense the change and get the information​… i am not talking about updating values from hardware I just want to get the information from web url…i knew there is a limitation on number of requests.

Using web hook from blynk looks slow just for getting data, since i have to manually loop in the loop function every now and then which is slow i believe.
Can you please help me?
Thank you.

How often does your thingspeak data change?

Unless you get thingspeak to change their system I don’t see how you are going to know when data is updated without a timed loop in Blynk.

Thanks costas for reply.

Data in thingspeak changes for every 15sec.

How does my hardware pin state changes immediately when state of blynk button changes?

Does it my hardware knows when button state changed ?
Again checking it state in a interval time?

I have come across below subject as i wanted to achieve the same. But some how its not working through blynk servers so i had tried with thingspeak as cloud server but its slow.

The difference is that your reference to button / pin changes all relates to a single server i.e Blynk’s whereas the webhook invloves a second server i.e. thingsspeak server.

If the data is actually changing every 15s on thingspeak then simply set up a 15s webhook timer in Blynk.

The thing is that i wanted to implement voice commands to switch on and off device though IFTTT.
I was successful with thingspeak but the time between voice acknowledgement to the real action performed on the board is long like few secs … But after seeing how blynk updates values very fast with their cloud … I wanted to use blynk cloud to do the same IFTTT thing for better response.

Is there a way using bkynk?

Thank you.

Isn’t IFTTT super slow anyway?

Not so much in my case as i am using google Assistant to trigger switch on and off things through IFTTT , few secs are manageable :grinning: