Need an undelete feature or notification on deletes that are significant (Tabs)

We need an undelete or undo feature. The Tabs are very confusing when trying to remove a single Tab. I went to the Tab I wanted removed, I scrolled down and selected delete. I just lost my entire application. 6 Tabs worth of development gone. No warning; nothing. Just poof, gone. It would have been nice to have a warning or something indicating that I’m about to screw myself… :frowning: I couldn’t find an undelete. OMG! I’m about to loose my mind. lol

Are you using iOS or Android?


IOS 13.3 on an iPhone 11 model MWGK2LL/A

That’s strange, because when I try to delete the Tabs widget (as opposed to swiping and individual tab to the left to delete that tab) I get this “Are you sure” message…

That’s with Blynk app version 2.26.2(5) on iOS on an iPhone 6.


Very odd. That didn’t come up for me. I just checked and it does present the “are you sure”. I’m positive it didn’t pop up last time. Unless I bumped the button and didn’t realize it. Well, I’m not sure what happened on my end. It does work as you described. Guess I wasn’t paying attention. An undelete would still be nice. I’ll make sure I save the app in the future using the clone.