Natural Beer fridge with NODE MCU

After i saw a lot of videos about so called earth fridges, i felt like it might be a good idea to use the cooling power of nature to chilll my beer :slight_smile:

The Theory

  • In the earth we got constant temperatures more or less independent from the air temperature
  • Beer should have between 7 to 10 °C (European beer)

The practise

  • first attempt was to measure the earth temp. @ 75cm we got 18°C constant (Day&night) air temp was at 31°C this day

So, we must dig a bit deeper… I expect good temperatures at 1,5 m…

  • Lifting of 2 boxes of beer (20 litres in 20 bottles )will be done be a so called scissor lift. this should be enough to get the beer up.


  • Control of the lifter and temperature measurement / tracking will be realiued with a node MCU and a local (RPi3) Blynk server.

  • Everyone at the party will get the app and a QR code to join. every time someone is openning the chamber of secrets, everyone with the app will get a notification that the fridge is up and open. . .

Status at the moment:

-App and server are ready
-Scissor lift is in production and need slight mods
-Digging a hole as soon as earth is more wet