Native ipad app

Was surprised nobody asked this before. Even though I can use the iOS app, it looks clunky. Any thought on providing an iPad app, with a larger screen etc? It would be great to put more on the screen.


We are targeting mobile now. If the app will get popular (I bet it will :wink: ) we will develop tablet versions.

What do you mean by clunky? I’m not native speaker so I looked this word up:

Clunky: awkwardly solid, heavy, and outdated.

By the way, I love running current app on iPad Mini ! (we forgot the icon though, but it will be fixed in next release)


Hi Pavel,

As many apps that were made for the IPhone, when you have an iPad that’s twice or more the size, the icons etc. just look not as smooth, it all looks like the pixels are twice the size :slight_smile: hence clunky. I can work with it ofcourse, but the extra room on the iPad should be put to use :smile:
BTW, if you add more room, how about supporting multiple hardware devices from one page? I think that’s not possible now, right?


Count me in for an iPad app. The iphone version is working well, but with 10 temp sensors in my system, I just don’t have space for graphs for all sensors with the iPhone screen size, let alone adding sliders to control my system.

But an iPad app would have the screen size to make this work. So crossing my fingers that this is coming soon. :smile:

To add another reason, using the iPhone app on an iPad does not let you view the app in landscape mode. I don’t know if the Android app rotates to landscape on an Android tablet, but I’m guessing that no.

I use iPad and Android tablets for home automation control. Having tablet support would enable Blynk to become the front-end for Arduino and Raspberry Pi home automation solutions. Hope this feature comes soon.

+1 for an iPad version, especially for the new large controls like the joystick.

Don’t double post, please. Deleting your topic.

I would even be considering buying a iPad mini just for this. But I’ll rather use my 7 inch samsung tablet with widgets adjusted for larger size.

Hi Pavel,

First let me express my thanks for all your work and efforts in making Blynk available to us.
I’m doing projects on home automation and i’m running in serious limitations on the iPhone App - so here are my burning questions:

  1. Is there any news about the availability of the native iPad App ?
  2. how would i handle data going / coming from several ESP8266’s
  3. Mostly doing battery operated (sensor) stuff, how can i avoid devices getting disconnected while sleeping and then after waking up no update of the App will happen.

Thanks for your help and comments,
kind regards, Mike


No, unfortunately, we don’t have resources for a native iPad app, which would be cool, for sure.
Let’s hope we’ll make some money on paid services and this will open up new possibilities.

take a look at Bridge Widget:

This will be soon available

+1 for an iPad version

I’d settle for the iPad showing the same dashboard as my iPhone (5s). Despite the larger screen, it shows LESS. The iPad shows the dashboard as it would appear on iPhone 4s and earlier models, deleting widgets in the bottom 20% of the screen.

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…and landscape mode on larger screen like with the iPad, please!

@Avenue33 it costs a lot of money :slight_smile:

You may launch a new Kickstarter campaign for this development and charge for this new feature.


I just bought one of these
in-wall ipad mini mounts

and I’ll use it between my camera monitoring software (which works great in landscape mode…not so much in portrait mode, since the video aspect ratio is set to landscape in order to provide a nice wide angle view without distortion). I’m setting up Blynk to control all sorts of appliances in the house and display environmental variables being scattered on various sensors throughout various areas of the house, it’s a shame that blynk doesn’t offer the ability to build landscape-mode dashboards for the ipad format (it’s perfect for an IoT in-wall input device!). I’d gladly pay for such an app :slight_smile:

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Yeah being able to have apps rotate would be amazing.

I have been asking for tablet support from almost the beginning of Kickstarter support and while I appreciate you now have vertical scrolling supported. This app still begs for tablet support. :thinking:

I have heard your team go on about expensive mobile development costs ( not sure why this type of development is more expensive then the server or device development which you folks have been prolific at).

Do another Kickstarter for a tablet version or charge energy for use of tablet sizes apps. No ones suggesting this should be free lunch. :smile:

Hello everyone!
There will be an app redesign for iPad in the future?
It would be lovely to see all my projects on the iPad.
Regards from Portugal.