My Ping is HUGE! Takes too long to connect. Arduino Mega


New to blynk. Trying to connect to blynk via eithernet. Takes a a couple of minutes to connect and never shows connection of app. I have 100mbps wifi so that should not be the problem.
Heres what my serial says
[0] Blynk v0.3.7 on Arduino Mega
[0] Getting IP…
[10107] IP:
[250107] Connecting to
[490188] Ready (ping: 240002ms).


Are you able to login with app?

What do you mean by log in? I am able to open the app and see my project.

Do you have other shields to try? Maybe problem in your Ethernet shield.

I do not but I will probably buy another one. That very well could be the issue. It is an aftermarket shield. Ill try that and see if the issue persists.

This is just suggestion. But such huge ping is really really strange. You may try also USB, it is much harder to start with however you could exclude network and Arduino itself.

OK Ill see if I can figure that out too.

What shield do you use? You could get a simple ENC28J60 and hook that up. It works really well and they are dirt cheap.

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