My nodeMCU not disconnect but sensor data alway stop

I use nodeMCU esp8266 to keep temp and humidity but i have some problem data from sensor stop after reboot mcu it come.

can’t run more than 24 hr.

it alway stop show data in blynk cloud.

in my screen shot it still connect.

If you’re talking about the lack of data in your Superchart widgets then you need to ensure that the “Enable History Data” option is enabled for both of your datastreams. You do this in the web console…


If you already have that enabled then you need to explain in more detail exactly wat your problem is, and post your code (correctly formatted with triple backticks).


i already enable it.Problem is sensor data it stop update it shown lastest value and graph it not shown any data too.

After reset board it become normal for a while it happend again.