My local server cannot login in gmail

Hello, I have similar problem… my local server cannot login in gmail…
This is the log:

My gmail account is set to less secure apps, I am using the standard file:


The Blynk app on my android smartphone is working perfect, I can access to my gmail account from the phone and from the PC without problems, the Blynk server is running on the same PC,

Please, help me, I need to send email from the Blink server… thank you

Hello, please don’t tack on #HelpMeToos onto other’s topics…particularly old ones.

I have moved your issue into your own topic.

Based on your screenshot (we prefer copy/paste for textual data), aside from what looks like you are using in the gmail initialization, and unless you somehow masked out your serial monitor output… is your email really :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Even if all that is somehow correct… it also clearly states that username and password not accepted :wink:

So, double/triple check all your settings and confirm that you are using basic gmail setup, no 2nd verification etc.

Hi, I posted screenshoot because a new user cannot put more than two links in a message and more that one picture…

I also seen "" in the log but I cannot find where to change it…
Also, in second row of the log, I don’t know how to change the LAN IP with PUBLIC IP, if needed…
I have a public IP that my router redirect to lan server IP (

also, I use basic gmail configuration, no 2nd verification, allowed less secure apps…

FYI… Formatting those parts of your post with </> would have eliminated those two “fantom” links

I am guessing you have read all the way through the Local Server documentation?

You don’t… your LS resides inside your network, so you only use local IP… it is in your router that you manage any port forwarding for WAN access to your LS

So far I can’t find that address anywhere in the official Blynk Server files… where are you getting all your source files from?


I created copying from

This is my batch script to start the Blynk server:
cd \Users\Mr.Roby\Blynk_Server
java -jar server-0.29.2-java8.jar -dataFolder server_data &

PS, Sounds like a good time to update to 0.29.6 :wink: -

yes, I seen… :wink:

but… the server properties is loaded by server or I must put in the script ?

/home/pi/Blynk -serverConfig /home/pi/someFolder/

As per the docs, the file just needs to be in the correct place.

As per the instructions

For more flexibility you can extend server with more options by creating file in same folder as server.jar

@Gunner you parrot :slight_smile:

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It must be a timezone thing… whenever we both answer at same time, you are always first :stuck_out_tongue:

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Blynk server 0.29.6 anyway here… :frowning:

I cannot understand from where is coming

</> not work…

I fixed your post…

Don’t use </> for full postings of a sketch… it doesn’t always work for all C++ characters, hence the prefered method mentioned in the Welcome Topic, but works fine for some other things like this.

I recommend you start from a clean install of the latest version… following the official GitHub instructions.

Probably in the wrong directory.






is wrong ?

Yes it’s wrong. file names for mail and server have .properties extension not .txt.

Same for sms.

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