My IDE aborts compilation and asks for "version.h" library, where to get it from?


My IDE aborts compilation and asks for “version.h” library, where to get it from?

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You could Google the error :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Hint… probably something to do with your ESP Arduino Core and/or whatever unknown sketch you are trying to load into whatever unknown hardware you are using.



Thank you Gunner - good try, but it hardly answers my question.



Sure it does… considering what little info you provided and how you apparently didn’t read the Welcome Topic references to searching before asking :wink:

I actually don’t have an answer, more info needed… but my hint was based on… gasp… a Google search of your missing library name.

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version.h request is Blynk specific, doesnt occure when other sw compiled and call origins from BlynkSimpleEsp8266.h, as in quoted record from the compiler:

n file included from C:\Users\Andrzej\Documents\ESP8266\Blynk_Release_v0.5.4\libraries\Blynk\examples\Boards_WiFi\NodeMCU\NodeMCU.ino:42:0:

C:\Users\Andrzej\Documents\ESP8266\libraries\Blynk\src/BlynkSimpleEsp8266.h:18:21: fatal error: version.h: No such file or directory

 #include <version.h>

It seems some component not included into distribution for NODE MCU use example



Between Googling your error and your compiler details, my best guess is that you may have not installed, or install incorrectly, the ESP8266 Arduino Core library that is needed for any ESP based MCU to work in the Arduino IDE. This has nothing to do with Blynk not including anything directly as it is espressif that makes the ESP and the needed library.

EDIT - further Googling and searching later (aren’t you glad someone does all your typing for you :stuck_out_tongue: )… I found actual topics about this error, in this very forum, just ripe for reading :smiley: Indicating that you may also have incorrectly installed or installed older versions of the Blynk Libraries.

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Thank you for this, especially for pointing me to other people having ome issue I hope to be able to fix it by following your instructions. But I experience no problem with any other application or example to run my ESP8266 in arduino IDE, that makes me think it is Blynk specific. Library call comes from Blynk module that is why I understand it has something to do with Blynk. No such problems with other web server examples and android app environments (like app inventor).



Dude… you are welcome :stuck_out_tongue: But my point was that a little preemptive searching on your part would have resulted in less issues on your part. As per the Welcome Topic that all forums expect new members to read… Stop living in the gimme gimme world and do a little research on your own… then you can ask informed questions :slight_smile:

Just becasue the Blynk library points out the issue doesn’t mean it is responsible for the issue… it doesn’t care if nothing else you use cares or not what you have or don’t have installed, perhaps it needs something from a 3rd party you haven’t properly supplied.



Hi Gunner I do not know who you are, suppose one of “suport” officers hired by owner of this software. Only obvious is, you are neither helpful nor supportive. If the whole biz concept is built around this “culture” than thanks I will look elsewhere for a set of tools I need.



I am a self taught Blynk user and forum volunteer… my time, efforts and opinions are my own :innocent: As for my helpfulness, my results (and stats) speak for themselves… if I where so useless or harmful then why am I still allowed here :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, now that we got that out of the way… did you do your homework and get Blynk up and running OK? If I am going to spend my time and effort responding to you then at least you should get something out of it :stuck_out_tongue:



Hi Gunner - your attitude towards customer is still unacceptable, but I must admit that after reloading the link in my IDE preferences and after selecting version 2.4.2 it compiles ok at least. Hope my previously compiled (with previous version) sw stays intact.



I am also a customer and freely volunteering my time and efforts whilst also putting up with your own attitude… think about that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you got it working :+1:


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