My hardware get Disconnected frequently


i am using ESP-01 as shield connected to Arduino Nano with hardware serial - for better stability - and have a AC-DC with two outputs
3.3V @ 200 mA + 5V @ 500mA.

i set a notification in my Dashboard for disconnection and i see it’s happening frequently , and after few seconds it reconnect again automatically.
my Power is stable and my internet also.

i have a connected Relay on pin 4 i assign it to button in my dashboard (not virtual pin) , but the status of the button not always reflect the actual status of the relay , especially after disconnection.

one suggestion is to provide a pug report and tracking , also work in progress .
so users can know the status and what’s under work.
i saw many opensource OS and apps using Jira.

This question is frequently asked on the forum. please use search. Sorry, have to close it.