My Energy Is Gone

My Name Is Johnavon,Recently I Have Been Playing With Blynk App.I have Created An App for my bedroom.Last Time I was playing with the report in my app,i created an report using 2,900 Energy.
But When i was in the Project Tab i deleted The Report Widget,And I Update The app.Usually When you delete The Widget It instantly give the energy back,But This time the energy was lost in the app…In the Project tab the energy Balance in still in the number after you buy the report ,the energy that i use to make the report was lost…
Blynk App Version:2.26.7
Server:Blynk Cloud
Thank You…

Hello. Did you try to close and open app again?

Yes I have Closed And Open The App Again But it still didnt work.i have closed and opened the app 2 times.

I have a similar problem. I deleted 2 projects …
After closing and opening the application, these projects appeared again, but the energy decreased as if I created them again. If I delete one of these projects, the amount of energy decreases instead of increasing. Is there an opportunity and where can I check the log of change in energy?

Hi, I have a similar problem.
Just today I lost 2900 energy because of “updating” report datastreams :frowning:
I deleted reports with one created report without energy refundation.
Please Can anybody fix this issue (I think it realy is) and return my energy back?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello,Its been 2 years since the topic is open,i haven’t checked again if the problem still accours but i have gotten it out of mind. i am now running a local blynk server on an old pc that i got for free and i have based all my home automation project there and i have control of the app energy…