My device stopped connecting Blynk suddenly after 1+ years working

Hello all.
Is there some known issue with “old” free accounts? My account is from 2022 and it has been working like a charm until… today. This morning it stopped connecting Blynk. It is an ESP32 and it has WiFi, I can see it in the network, but it doesn’t connect to blynk.
Nothing has changed in the code, I have checked the blynk credentials, all are ok, etc. Any known issue you are having today? My account was created when more datastreams were available even when it is free. Then some months ago, free accounts were limited but it continued fully working after that change.


Have you tried rebooting your router and board?
What does your serial monitor show?

Do you have any other devices that use the same auth token as this one?


Thanks a lot, Pete por for your quick reponse.
Yes, I tried the basics, rebooting of the board (but not the router, although other devices in the network have Internet connectivity). I can ping the device (tried pinging esp32.local and it gave me a proper DHCP IP, and it pings). There are no other Blynk devices.
The serial monitor shows the ESP32 booting, connecting properly to the NRF24 radio devices, etc, connecting to my WiFi network and obtaining an IP address, and then trying to connect to Blynk. Before, after a while the Blynk logo appeared confirming that the connection was made. Now, it stops there and no connection is possible. The firmware retries periodically with no success.

I will try to reset the router just in case that particular IP has lost Internet connectivity, but that’d be weird. It was working until today, that’s why I wondered if something changed in Blynk policies or something. I can provide my device ID if you can check something at blynk side.

I also updated the App a few days ago with no problems and today again, after the problem, no success.

That’s very odd!
I’ve never heard of being able to ping a Blynk device on the network like this.
Maybe you should share your sketch.

First of all, it would be helpful if you simply copied the text from your serial monitor and pasted it into your post *with triple backticks at the beginning and end so that it displays correctly).
Secondly, what do you mean by “connecting properly to the NRF24 radio devices”? It sounds like you need to explain more about your hardware setup.

However, you should probably reboot your router, then your device, before you go much further.


The system is quite complex, its based on a ESP32 board that communicates with other nodes using NRF24 type radio devices. It has worked like a charm for more than 1 year. The code is quite looong but I am sure the problem is not there as I have been debugging and using it for months, 24/7 for my home automation / heating / solar power control system.

The main idea is that the device IS connected to the network and it does ping, I cannot know if it has proper internet access due to some router problem, so restarting the router is the next logical step.
So if this not a policy change for free plans or a Blynk known issue that happened today, I guess the issue must be in my network.

Will keep you posted!

Solved! Simply rebooting the router was enough. It’s weird, other devices had internet connectivity, the ESP32 was reported as connected to the WLAN but it didn’t have internet connection hence it could not register to Blynk.
Thanks for your very kind and fast support!

First rule of IT troubleshooting - turn it all off and on again! :grinning: