My device in blynk app not working


I cant get my device to work after i have created the app. It works perfect on projects but not in the app. It keeps telling that my device wasnt online.

Please help??

What exactly does that mean?

What device are you using?
What version of the Blynk library are you using?
What code are you running on your device?
What OS and version of the app are you using?
Are you running your own local server, or using the Blynk cloud servers?
What’s your favourite colour?


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I believe @Bsykstus may be trying to use the app preview feature. In which case he needs to load the provisioning sketch, and modify it by adding his code in the appropriate place.

Hi Toro

Thats exactly what I am doing…yes

Where can I obtain the provision sketch?

In the examples for BLYNK in the Arduino IDE.

Hi Pete

I am using the ACM NodeMCU ver 1.0 and accessing the blynk cloud server via my iphone 10. I am using blynk version 2.26.1(9)

Favourite colour…blue (lol)

Thanks Toro, will try it out and see if it works.