My blynk iot app open only with my phone

Hi everyone

I am using the new blynk.edgent I have paired my esp8266 using android phone and free plan , everything works and the device work fine but when I open the blynk iot app from another phone ( android also) I couldn’t find any Template or device. Again when I use my phone the template and device appears. Is it normal that the template only appear with the phone witch I have paired with or I am missing something here. It doesn’t make any sense what if I lost my phone then I have to create a new template.

Thank you

Both mobile devices should be the same, provided you’re signed-in with the same credentials.

Do you have the option of Account > Reload Account in the app?


No I didn’t find a count reload option in my app.

Okay, it’s there in the iOS app but maybe missing in Android.
Have you tried deleting and re-installing the app, restarting the phone etc etc?


Yes I tried deleting and re_installing but the template doesn’t show up. I think account reload option will be helpful if it add to android app.

So are you signing-in with exactly the same credentials?


Yes I am using the same email account and password to open my account. The account opens but the template and device disappeared. I can create a new template, add user and use devolp mode any thing fine. It seems like a new account with the same email.

@Abdush please open the About screen on both phones to check if you are using the same app version, same account and same server

The difference is that phone use server
Blynk. Cloud (ny3. and the other phone that do not showing the template using the server :
Blynk. Cloud (fra1. Blynk. Cloud).
Now the question how could I change the server to the same one that I used for my phone.

Do you remember doing two registrations? If no, please send us logs from both phones with a note to check for possible issue how this happened.

If that’s indeed two separate accounts, (or you’re on a free plan and don’t have much to loose anyway), try deleting one of them. Obviously, the account on the closest server is preferred to stay. In the app: My Profile → Delete account

I am not sure if I have created two account with the same email or not.
I have deleted the account which using
the server :
Blynk. Cloud (fra1. Blynk. Cloud).
And re_installed app and when I tried to log in from another phone it says either the email or password is not correct but when I use my phone the account is still working. So I have sent you logs from my phone and I couldn’t sent you logs from account which using the server :
Blynk. Cloud (fra1. Blynk. Cloud) because it isn’t opening anymore after I deleted that account.
I hope you could help me because I don’t want to lose my account with free additional 5 devices.

@Abdush the IP address that you’re using to access this forum indicates that you are in North Africa, is that correct?

@Eugene said:

but you’ve deleted the account that was on the French server and kept the one on the New York server. I think your phone’s DNS will try to resolve the nearest server, which is the one in France.


Choosing distant server should result in higher network latency, but it should work.

Upon login request, if the requested login account is not found, server does a special check if such account exists on other servers, and if found, redirects the app to go to that server.

@Abdush You can send the logs from the app from the initial screen - just tap & hold on the Blynk logo there. Please send us logs after unsuccessful login into existing account.

Please double check you are using correct email and password.

@BlynkAndroidDev FYI

Yes that is correct north of Africa, is that a problem?

I sent the logs from the initial screen and I double check I am using correct email and password.