My Blynk app reset continuously

Hi everyone,

I am using 2 NodeMCU to control 4 pumps, if NodeMCU can connect to Blynk, then it will show the status of these pumps in terminal.

  • The first one, in my backyard garden, its working fine for months.
  • The second one, in roof toop garden, it was working great in some months. But now, its really weird, sometimes it worked fine, sometimes its like this:
    ``+ Pumps turn on in 4 minutes, then it must stop in 20 mins. But no, it stopped, then start again, then stop, start, then stop in 20mins… Sometimes its working fine in some periods, sometimes its offline, then online, sometimes it always make mistake like that.
    I show the source code here, pls let me know if I made any mistake in this code.
    Thank you so much!


PS: I can’t put many images in first post, so I will post in next posts



We can’t copy paste your code into our arduino ide… we need to type all code manually… due to you did’nt post the code… you post only screenshots…

You can post your code without make screenshots using ```cpp

@Gunner we need here your ```cpp image XD

you need to buy this keyboard :wink:

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Blynk - FTFC

Thanks so much everyone
I solve my problem.
Its because of hardware, not the code. Btw, I was trying to post source code but I didnt know where :smile: so I had to use images :wink:

You copy/paste it just like the text it is, then “format” it as described above and in the Welcome Topic.

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We need a “three backticks” keyboard like the one you posted. We would sell a lot :joy: