Multiple projects one Arduino

I have an Arduino server that controls everything in my house. Blynk would be the perfect way to implement a nice UI for it but I have not found a way to control the Arduino server with multiple projects (e.g. one for the garden, one for the living room etc.)
How can I solve my problem?


Hi Simon,

could you please explain what is Arduino server?

“server” is probably not a good description… The Arduino acts as a MQTT broker and is connected with other Arduinos in all rooms.

Well, in that case…

In Blynk app. you could create dashboards. Dashboard is supposed to be an abstraction for device. In case you have few devices you could create few dashes where every dash corresponds to specific device (dash connected with device via token). So you could switch between them in an app and control whatever you need.

Also there are few hidden possibilities =). You could use same token for many devices. In that case 1 dash will control many devices (for instance you could send 1 command to many devices by 1 click).
Also we already implemented Bridge. So you could send message between your devices if needed. Example for that you could find here :

Thanks for the answer but it is not possible to control one device using multiple dashboards? Do you plan this for future because the dashboard size is not that big and I think other users could need that too…

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I am too would like to add more widgets, but there is not enought space. Why I need buy WiFi Shield for every Arduino in my house if would be greate if I can use just one.
Now I have make I2C connection with others Arduino in all rooms, and use virtual pin to control all others Arduinos.
For example in cellar I have Pellet Stove witch is controled by Arduino. Why I need to encumber that Arduino with Blynk process, if i can controll it with one Main Arduino on which is WiFi module and in which is loaded Blynk.
Next Arduino controller is in my room which is preloaded with some soft for light controll, blinds control, akuarium control, houseplants watering control and other.
So, it would be nice if we can seperate some widgets on pages like it is now, but with same token. Then I can seperate all rooms in several pages. For Pellet sove control will be one page, for light control will be second page, and for something else third page.
Please Blynk makers - think about it.

Well, we already aware of those issues and we are currently on the way to resolve them. Please be patient.