Multiple phones - no sync

Not sure if you’d call this an error - but it certainly is an issue.

Imagine the scenario - you have this APP controlling house lighting etc… your wife has the APP on her Android phone and you have it on yours. You have some lights on - and some dimmed lights using the slider. When you turn the phone OFF then on again, it retains your settings. That’s GREAT.

What is NOT so great, at least in my first test… the SECOND phone seems to have no idea of the settings. As these are presumably stored on the server, I’m wondering why the second phone is out of sync. It does mean as it stands (or SEEMS to mean, I might have this wrong) that the person using the second phone will have no idea of the status of anything.


Hello, you’re totally right. At the moment we are working on “sharing” where synchronization of dashboards will be the key feature.

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