Multiple devices virtual pin data in map view by hovering on it


I’m trying to visualize sensor data of all the devices associated within the organization in map view in the Blynk web console. I’m currently using Blynk PRO features and with ESP32.

For example I’ve created 2 devices which has installation site location metadata. Currently I could able to see only details of Device status, Date & Location. On the same way I would like to to see the virtual pin (sensor data) by hovering over the device.

Screenshot (10)|690x429

Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Mr.@PeteKnight could you please help me to resolve this issue?

Thank you!

I’m not sure what you wnat me to do.

You seem to be wanting some datastream data values to be visible when hovering over the map image, but in reality how would that work in practice? What if you had 200 datastreams for that device - how would you be able to make sense of the data?


Thanks for the reply Mr. @PeteKnight.

The requirement is showing of only latest value of 1 selected data stream. (Ex: Level reading of ultrasonic sensor). In reality this helps me to look at all the data in map in a single page instead of going to every device and check for it.
This is one more real-time example

That might be your personal requirement, but if you’re proposing this as an idea for future development then don’t you think that others may have different requirements in terms of datastream data?


Yes, totally agreed. Others may have different requirements like n number of Datastream data. But it is always a great thing to have restrictions on number of datastream by leaving selection of datastream to user’s choice.
Kindly share your thoughts.