Multiple devices trouble

I am making project consist of four node mcu devices , two devices were conected to the network and working correctly and the other were too far from the router , i brought new router for the distant devices and with the same network name and pasward , the problem is after i set the new router all the devices went offline,
Could you please help me in this issue, i am using blynk server.
If it is not clear tell me i will explain
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The second router hopefully is configured as a repeater/range extender. Other wise you will run into problems if you use the same ssid/pass for both routers

I think it’s repeater, but i want to change the ssid and passward anyway , do you think that will finish the problem? If the router is not repeater and i changed the ssid and passward ,will that solve the problem?

Using a router as a wireless access point, as by default they want to be the device that hand-out IP addresses to the other devices on the network and routes traffic to the internet.
The function that hands-out IP addresss is called DHCP Server, and needs to be turned off on your slave router.
NAT (Network Address Translation) is the function that routers traffic to the internet and translates IP addresses from your network to an address on the internet. If you have the option to switch off NAT on your slave router then you should do that, if not then it should be okay in most situations.

I prefer to have all routers/repeaters/wireless access points on my network using the same SSID and password, so that devices can roam from one wireless station to another. I also prefer to have different SSIDs for 2.4 and 5GHz bands.

If you have the choice than connect your slave router to the real router via an Ethernet cable. If you can’t do that that then you’re probably better-off using a powerline adapter to send data down the mains wiring to the slave router than having the slave set-up as a wireless repeater (assuming that your slave even supports working in that mode).

Based on the very limited information you’ve supplied, I’d guess that you have two DHCP servers running on your network, or that both the primary and slate router are using the same IP address ( ?).


Actually i dont have experience in routers , there is someone who made everything and i think he made the seconde router as repeater , but now all devices are online and i think it was a reset issue , since i asked the people who live in the house where we are making our project to turn off the new router and i think they turn it off for a while then they turn it on again , this is a gues , i didn’t ask them, but now all devices are online without any change on the sitting of the routers .
Thank you very much for your atention, if you have an explaination please tell me