Multiple devices in one project

I know there was a similar topic already, but it didn’t really lead me anywhere. I have two nodeMCU controllers and I want to have two buttons on screen, one for each controller. So, how do I do that? Do I need to register both controllers like device and than something or what do I do? I am sorry, I just got into blynk 2.0, I’m a newbie…

you should use Automation.

Can you elaborate on that? Or can you give me some link to tutorial that you think is good for my problem?

Check this out

hey, thank you so much, but I still don’t get it. How do I use this in my case? I want to use two buttons, for two controllers. How do I use automation for that? I see that it is supposed to replace bridge which I guess was used in blynk 1.0 for this but nothing else except that I didn’t get. Please help me some more

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What’s your project exactly ?

So I have two NodeMCU controllers, one for light in room, other for computer. I want to have two buttons on my screen, one to turn light on and of other to turn computer on.

You can either use the device tiles as switches, or add two buttons to one device tile and use a system to send the command from one device to the other.
This system could be an automation, an API call or an external integration using Node-Red etc.


Thanks, I get it. So how do I do it using automation for example? Or API?

It’s very simple, just like the old blynk bridge widget.

This is an example

Read the automations documentation and give it a go. If you get stuck with a specific issue then ask a specific question.

Like this…


But my “when” can only be on tap. How do I change that?

Thanks Pete, I’m trying with automation route.

Do you mean like this

Yes but I found the problem, I should use the device state for this project. It’s working for now, I’ll come back when I run into problems. Thanks huys

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