Multiple devices in one project (like in old app)

Hello, how i’m using blynk 2.26.8(1) on my ios device for temperature monitoring project.
It’s made on two arduinos nano, connecter via ethernet shield to blynk cloud.
Briefly about the project, getting data from two boards and show it in super charts on my phone.
Now i want to transfer my project to the new blynk iot platform, cause the old one is no more supported.
The question is HOW to connect two arduinos to one blynk app, and to show data from different boards in one chart like it was in old version ?
Thank you

The simple answer is that you can’t.

The more complex answer is that you can send data from one device to another, so that all the data you want to display is available in datastreams linked to that device.

Unfortunately, you can’t use Bridge anymore to achieve this data interchange, so you’d need to use the HTTP(S) API or Node-Red.

Both of these solutions have been discussed numerous times in the forum since Blynk IoT was introduced, so a quick search will tell you more.