Multiple Devices in app stage with Blynk provisioning


I want to use multiple devices in the same project, however, the number of devices a user will use is not fixed.

So, what i want is that when a new device is added in the App using Blynk provisioning, the controls for the device are populated in the app. That means, if there is only one devices connected, only one device controls (buttons, LEDs and LCD) are visible in the app. As soon as a new device is added to the app, it creates the same controls, for a new device.

I hope what I’m saying doesn’t sound stupid. Please let me know if this is possible. and how?


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Sorry, that is not how it works… you will have to manually add in and setup new widgets (in same project) for each new device you add.

I suppose you could try the Device Selector and alternate a single set of controls between different devices as you add them… I haven’t played around with that Widget enough to be sure.

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Currently this is not supported, however you may use other available option - Device Selector or Device Tiles. It may fit your needs.

Thanks for replying to my query.

I have a follow up question which is a little unrelated.

If I have to use the publishing feature and build an app out of my project, can any user using my app add new devices to his version? Or will it be restricted to the number of devices I setup for the original project.

Dynamic adding of devices is available in commercial version.

Hi pavel,

I understand that. But if in case I have set up just one device in my project and published the app, and the user wants to use two or more similar devices on that app? Will he be able to just add these devices and select the same functionality for them?

Commercial apps work differently, since when user downloads your app for the first time, no devices are added yet.

They turn on the device, go through Provisioning process, repeat for next device.

With Device Tiles Widget you can specify the template for each type of device

For example, you sell 2 types of products for connected home. You customers can purchase any number of any products. Each of them has their own interface. For example:

  1. Connected Switch for 8 relays. UI has 8 buttons, 8 individual timers and a Chart that shows Total Power Consumption for all 8 relays.
  2. Temperature and Humidity Sensor: UI is simple: 2 Gauges and 2 Charts showing historical data.

In DeviceTiles, you can configure Page Template for each Device Type
During provisioning the new device will be added and its template will be identified and added too

Hi pavel,
Thanks alot for the detailed explaination.
If I understood correctly, this should solve almost all the current queries I have.

Thanks again :slight_smile: