Multiple commands!

Hi Blynkers!
i’m working on a Automation system with User Customizable Scenarios.
Imagine that we have 2 Rooms that each Room has 3 Lights and user want turn on the light number 2 from Room 1 and Light number 3 From Room 2 and turn off the light nimber 1 From Room 1(user want do all of this with a button widget.

is it possible we have a widget in mobile apps and set some command like bellow and trigger these with a Button?

"Device":"The Pin":"The value"

the user can do some command one after another.


in widget we have a part to choose device and next part the pin and next one the value and The commands are displayed in the table.

i think this can be solved if Blynk implemented Tags for dashboard widgets
later you can set a switch to control a multiple widgets which shares the same Tag.

but AFAIK it is not implemented yet

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@scropion86 you right but as i know @Dmitriy said Tag Will not be updated.

I think it’s not very hard that do some basic command like example it is like you touch on each button but this method do all of them Programmable.

This will be possible only with eventor that supports multiple devices.

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So you think How long take to have it.

You can use Bridge for that.


@Pavel i’m friend with Bridge But i mean we set commands in APP and change commands simple but bridge need some code and user can not change commands.

Bridge with a Input widget can help more.