Multiple Arduinos, Multiple Dashboards... Will I still receive push notifications from All?

I’m planning a project involving four active arduinos, each with unique Blynk auth tokens, and four dashboards- and bridge isn’t really going to work in this situation. If I can only have one dashboard active at a time, will I still receive push notifications from the ‘inactive’ Blynk dashboards?

Multiple dashboards release is planned for today. We are doing final testing at the moment. After release you’ll be able to run many arduinos at same time. And yes, you’ll recieve separate notification for every board in case one of them goes offline.

Great timing! :smile:

@zeeko release published. Please check it :wink:

Where do I find instructions on how to create multiple dashboards?

Every time I have tried to start a new one (linked to a separate Arduino) I get the message that the account is already in use and it appears that the only option I have is to lose my original one.