MQ2 Gas sensor - Blink Notification

hi guys!

I need help with my first project: Sensor Gas MQ2 + Blink with push notification.

I can use ESP8266 or ESP8266 + Arduino Uno.

My hardware will read the value of sensor and if is detected Gas Leak i need the blink send me a push notification alert.

Can somebody help me ?

You’ve spent lass than 1 minute reading posts on this forum since joining.
I’d suggest you search the forum for MQ2, and study the results carefully, then start doing some experimentation and testing.
If/when you get stuck along the way then post the code you’re using and details of the results you’re getting and you’ll get plenty of support.

On the subject of which hardware to use, I’d probably choose an ESP8266 based device such as the Wemos D1 Mini.