Moving widgets to another tab bugged

Hi !
First of all, I think we should have a bug thread, to not make a new post for each small bug we find in the new app.

The bug I found:

  • Problem: I have 4 tabs and trying to move some widgets between them. It takes a lot of time because it keeps selecting the last one, for some reason. The 2 in-between are really hard to get in. Sadly I can show it, because I would have to do a video.
    Also, the datastream disappears. I have to set it again
  • OS : Android

Edit: Ok, the datastream doesn’t always disappears

If you click the “Report an Issue” bug icon on the web portal it takes you to the GitHub site here:


It’s generally preferable to use this approach, as the bugs can assigned to the correct developer, tracked, assigned to the person who raised it for testing, then closed when fixed.
Also, the developers tend to use GitHub more than this forum


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Thank you, Pete. You can delete this post now, if you want. I made a new issue there

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