Move user to a sub organization

I am very confused with how organizations and users are managed. I invited a new user into my organization. It put him in my top level organization. I want to move him into one of my sub organizations and only have admin authority there. I don’t understand the process to do this. When I try to add him into a sub organization, it says he is already in my organization… but he does not show up as a user in the sub organization…

My goal:
I have a top level organization called XYZ
Under that I have 3 organizations called Project1, Project2, and Project3 for the 3 different projects we have.

I need to have a user be the admin of 2 of those 3 projects. I don’t see how to set this up.

You need to hold 2 devices within 1 org or you need to build another hierarchy where the user is Admin of project 2 and project 3 is suborg of project 2.

If organizations on the same hierarchy level you can’t assign the same person to both levels/orgs.

Now I am more confused… what do devices have to do with how my organizations are setup?

I have 3 projects. Each project has its own set of devices. Project3 is not a sub-project of Project2, they have nothing to do with each other.

Why would you not allow a user to be an admin of more than one organization on the same hierarchy? I thought that was one of the big selling benefits of the PRO plan.

I still have the original issue. I have a top level organization and a sub organization. The invited user was invited to the top level. How do I uninvite him from that organization and invite him to the sub organization? I only want him to have admin access in the sub-organization.

Or do I have a complete misunderstanding of the purpose of Organizations?

Find the user in the search and find “Actions” button and click “Transfer user”. However, for the transfer, you would need to have at least one user in the sub-organization. If you don’t have a user in sub-organization, the only way is to remove the user, switch to the sub org and invite him again from the sub-organization.

It’s much harder to implement. Maybe someday.

Got him moved… Thank you Dmitriy

The truth with the users, organisation and sub-organisation issue is a real mess, when you add a device to a sub-organisation in the super admin app it disappears and I can’t even change the template (APP) of the rest of the devices that were already there.
It really is a big problem please get down to work.