(Motion Sensor display on) Lcd widget

I looking to monitor sensor connected to arduino trouver lcd wadget

Francais ?

Bsr .mon projet c de surveil des capteur connecter a un arduino uno ,les mesure des captuers seron afficher sur lcd wadget de blynk,

Please use English whenever possible so the majority of users can participate.

@Aymeen Welcome to Blynk.

You will need a program that will read the motion sensor first, then you can adapt it using any widget fore display, like the LCD Widget, by learning the commands for it and merging your motion sensor program with Blynk library and functions.

I recommend starting off learning basic Blynk programs to get a solid base of knowledge. There are Documents, Help Center and Sketch Builder links at the top, right of this page that will get you started.

Here is an LCD example - assuming an Arduino UNO on USB (but you can adjust the builder for your hardware):



He wants to monitor sensor data using an Arduino Uno and lcd widget. I guess this is the point where the “we don’t make your code” speech comes in.

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Oh wait you got that already ? Damn impressive