Moscow time zone?

I understand that Blynk was developed not for savages from East so founders easily can mark this as Resolved.

Thanks for your great 1 star review on Google Play. We really appreciate that.

Hope Blynk will bring you lots of joy and save weeks of development time next year!

Blynk not only supports savages from East, but also is built by the same savages


Personally, this is the type of topic I would normally delete… it has no value to this forum. But I don’t like doing so when @pavel is clearly appreciative of the commenters esteemed level of complementary virtues :wink:

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It seems that on the old Android devices, maybe 4.x ones, system has outdated timezones list (as we now latest changes to Moscow timezone has been done in 2014), latest Android has correct timezone


true. but in his case with the old android, he just can pick another timezone, with gmt +3, isn’t it?

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