More than one device on one dashboard

I got big amount of esp8266-01 for home automation and got lauched blynk server on debian pc on network.
So i have to use alot of projects for each esp8266-01. and a personal dashboard for each esp.

Is it possible to create one “main” dasboard for all projects or make android homescreen shortcut for each button?
Any solution?

Hello. There is no way to do that right now. Homescreen shortcuts are separate big feature that should be implemented.

As a suggestion, you could use one of them as a Master and the other ones as Slaves using Bridge function. This is not the same you are asking about but it could work. Is that ok for you?

Regarding shortcut, you can do something similar using Tasker with Blynk.

about home screen shortcut , i will post a way to impalement it using IFTTT.
i will send the post link here once i completed it.

Ill try it
thank you for idea

here is the Link for Blynk + IFTTT and how you can do on home screen button shortcut.