More Than 4 Tabs, or Maybe a Different Way?

Hi All.

So, I have an ESP8266 that is receiving sensor data from multiple remotes via RF69 data link. The ESP8266 provides the connection to Blynk.

Each remote sends identical data types that I want to display on the Blynk App with several widgets: one History Graph and several Label Values. I only need the App to display the information from one remote at a time. However, I want the data from all remotes to be continuously recorded – especially data for the History Graph.

This sounds like the perfect application for the Tabs interface widget. Each remote would be displayed on its own tab. However, that only provides 4 tabs — and hence, support for only 4 of my remotes.

So, my question: Is there any way to extend the “Tabs” concept to a larger number of tabs? For say up to 10 remotes? Or, can anyone think of a different approach to this problem?


Use the SuperChart instead, it can handle 4 infeeds each.

I believe this is a Cloud Server limit, feel free to search this forum for more info. But I have one operational project with 6 Tabs… and just for testing here, I added 6 more… so… no clear limit for Android and Local Server so far… :wink:


According to this post, the limit is 4 tabs on IOS and 10 tabs on Android.
Apparently local/cloud server makes no difference.


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Thanks @PeteKnight I couldn’t remember… and didn’t feel (at them time) like doing someone else’s searching for them :stuck_out_tongue:

We have in plans tabs improvements. So they will be fully refactored.


@Dmitriy don’t forget to put an easy tab shorting way or an easy arrangement !!!

Sure, that’s the main point of change :wink:.

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