More pin formatting

I think we could use some text formatting for pins, not only decimal.

/PIN.^/ makes all letters uppercase
/PIN.v/ makes all letters lower case

Also a fix for decimal formatting not filling out decimals would be appreciated
/PIN.##/ with a given value of 4.3 would only show 4.3 but formatting rule is two decimals so it should display 4.30

Spank you.

I definitely agree on this one… it is visually distracting when a display bounces between say, 4.3 and 4.31 as it keeps changing position (centering) or even font size at times.

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iOS / Android?

I use Android.

Android as well my bad :slight_smile:


Bump, any news on this?

We had fixed the number of symbols after the point, like in your and Gunner’s comment.


Looks good so far :+1:

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