Modify SSID and Password with Blynk.Inject


I didn’t want to further derail @Nilava_Chowdhury’s Autoconnect Blynk (WifiManager Alternative) - ESP8266/ESP32 topic, so I’m forking a new topic.

@ErfanDL, I’m not sure what you have in mind in terms of resetting the wi-fi credentials. With the Blynk.Inject example, writing anything other than 0x626C6E6B to EEPROM address 0 will revert the ConfigStore to default. This resets the SSID and password to “” and “”, respectively. The device should revert to wi-fi Access Point (AP) mode. The device would need to be re-added. This would involve dynamically assigning the device a new auth token. All of the data associated with the previous auth token would be lost. I’m not sure this is what we’re after. Did you have something else in mind?

I was envisioning using something along the lines of the Blynk Connection Wizard UI to modify the SSID and password. We hear a lot of talk about a Blynk Web Dashboard. Maybe that’s the answer.

Like I said, you could always enter a new SSID and password via a pair of Text Input widgets and write them to the ConfigStore in EEPROM. Of course, you’d probably want to verify connectivity with the new credentials before overwriting the previous credentials.