Modified my $30 Home Depot blinds to open and close automatically

I got tired of opening and closing my blinds so I automated them using Blynk and the Timer Widgets (to open and close every morning and evening). The goal was to get a super clean look so you wouldn’t notice the motors (it’s the white box on the right).


  • ESP32 Pico D4
  • Trinamic TMC5072 motor driver
  • 2X NEMA 17 stepper motors
  • Home Depot no-brand blinds (Others might not work for this)

To achieve the super clean look, I created a custom PCB that holds the ESP32, motor driver, and DC-DC voltage regulator (easier said than done haha)

-There are 2 stepper motors inside the housing, connected together via a 3D printed part

-One motor is connected to a belt which drives the blinds across the track. You can see the belt coming out of the motor housing

  • The other motor is connected directly to the vertical shaft which controls vertical pitch

So why stepper motors? First, you can move them when there’s a power loss which is really important. Second, the accuracy and control is incredible and will move to 1/51200th of an inch, every time. You can also set whatever ramp up and ramp down speeds you want.

Finally, they sound so cool! :heart_eyes:

I can make a write up for anyone interested. But without that custom board, it’ll be really hard to conceal everything. Let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:


Wow! what a cool project!


Great work @dfrenkel

Last month my friend bought an interesting smart curtain from Zemismart
The sizes varies from 2.2 m to 8.2 m
Here is the LINK
Five days ago I found a nice video by DrZzs showing how to assemble it in details.
Zemismart Smart Curtain | Review & Install

DrZzs says:
“If you’re looking for a motorized “smart” curtain controller, this is a pretty good option. It’s well engineered, solidly built, and works as you’d expect. It uses the Tuya app, so it’ll work with Home Assistant. It also works with Alexa and Google Home.”

I mentioned this here only for ideas

Very cool. Great work