Hello …

I have a mbot robot and I need to control it from the blynk through the esp8288 , is there a way to trun the mbot on/off by the blynk ?


Simple answer… maybe :wink:

Honest answer… Not easily; Even though it is “based” on the UNO, it is very customised with their own hardware and software integration. It would take a ground up approach, dissecting the correct libraries to use and figuring out the pinouts used for the built in controllers, sensors, etc.

A worthy project for a moderately skilled programer, but not a conversion I would recommend for a beginner. Personally I would find it easier to build my own from scratch… then eventually Blynkify it…

It is an interesting idea to combine the Makeblock hardware with the Blynk app.

The MBot is basically an Arduino Uno, the firmware is open source and makes use of the open source Makeblock libraries.
The code can be found on
The pin definition is shown on the MBot itself, and in the source you can find it in
It is possible to combine the Blynk libraries with Makeblock libraries. It should be possible to replace the Makeblock communication protocol with the Blynk communication protocol.

But, as far as I understand the question, the request is not to control the MBot totally using Blynk, but simply to switch it on/off. I don’t understand the application of “turning on/off”.

In case other people are interested in Makeblock+Blynk, give your ideas of how you see this (application), maybe I try to make it some day.

B.T.W. I would have liked to also control MBot using BLE, but unfortunately Blynk doesn’t support the Makeblock BLE module. This is surprising, as it is basically a HM-10 module that can be used with every Arduino (without any other Makeblock component). The only difference is the ID, which is not identical to HM-10.

yes only trun it on to move and off to stop from the blynk using virtual pin , actually i am try to write a code but i have an error uploading the code to the mbot i think it is from the board