Mobile app "value on" and "value off"

I need help with the mobile App from Blynk and this is the problem:
I have a virtual Pin - Datastream with the range from 0 to 10. In the Web-Dashboard, I’m able to change the “value on” and “value off” from every single button. But I can’t find this setting for the buttons in the mobile app. These buttons only have the value 0 or 1. But the value should be for example 0 or 4. I don’t want to use a slider. In the Blynk-legacy-app I was able to chance every value from every button but until now I wasn’t able to find this in the new app. How can I change the “value on” and “value off” setting for a button in the Blynk app?

Jonas, is this what you are looking for?

uncheck the “Off/On Values” to expose the custom settings, in this example, my data stream is only set to 0-1

May be he is on iOS.

As a walk around i logged into Blynk with my spare android smartphone and changed the settings there.

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Thank you for the answer!
Archy, this is exactly what I was looking for but Madehukesh is right: I‘m on IOS and I don‘t have an Android-Device…

Why don’t you simply set the datastream to 0/1 and change the value in your sketch when the BLYNK_WRITE(vPin) callback is triggered…

  if(param.asInt() == 1
    my_global_variable = 4;
    my_global_variable = 0;


Thank you for the idea! I already had this solution in my Sketch and it worked. But with this solution, I need a lot of Datastreams, which make the Sketch more complicated and long. The other solution would be smarter, but the IOS-App can‘t do this…

So are you saying that you’re using a single datastream on multiple widgets, with each widget assigning a different value so that you can identify which widget it is?
If so, doesn’t this produce odd results?


Hi @Jonas1 , we’ll add this options to button widget settings in the upcoming app update on iOS.

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Yes, Pete, that‘s exactly what I‘m doing :blush: And it works great without any Problems. It‘s like a slider, but each value has a button. I need this for controlling different LEDs.

Thank you, Eugene, that would be great! I‘m waiting for it! :blush: