Mobile app shows floating bubbles forever

the mobile app has been running fine since last summer… since friday night, I cannot get it to connect anymore to the blynk server… just bubbles

i also have http get data api request base application, and do not see any updates from my device…(60 miles away from here) since last tuesday
has been stable for many months now…

won’t be able to get there til wednesday… any guidance welcomed.

Is this cloud server or your own local server?

If it’s using the Blynk cloud server then what happens when you put in the address bar of your browser?
Obviously, you need to replace ‘auth-code’ with the auth code from the device you’re using in your project.


cloud server

got a block of json data back quickly (on both desktop and mobile devices)

On the mobile app I have expected to see the UI, and ‘not connected’

Okay, well that shows that your project is still on the cloud server, which is good news.

On your mobile device, have you tried both Wi-Fi and mobile data? With Wi-Fi, have you tried rebooting your router?
I assume that you’ve had good access to Blynk from your current life cation before?
(The reason for asking is that it could be the port or the protocol used by the Blynk app to talk to the cloud server that’s being blocked by your ISP - more likely if you’re using a hotel Wi-Fi. API calls use a different prop icon, which is why the URL still returns data.).

Otherwise, you could try deleting and re-installing the app on your mobile device. You won’t lose anything, it’s all stored on the server.


yes, both wifi and not… not rebooted router, as not wifi fails too.

yes, as I posted the app has been running without troubles since last summer… hardware updates once a minute…

will try reinstall app…

ok, uninstall app/reinstall… hangs immediately…same

logoff/logon all ok now… weird…

thanks for the debugging process.

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Maybe there were some issues with your cached data, uninstall/install would not clear cached data (backed up to the google play), so logout/login pair could fix such issues.

It is interesting what caused such behavior.